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About Us

A little about Us

Here at Kyden Inc, we work in many industries including mining, energy, manufacturing, and assembly lines. In addition to custom machining and fabricating, we offer many other services such as complete drafting and design on every project.  With our experience combined with our advancement in technological drafting, we have been able to provide quality products to customers for over 40 years.

We strive to provide custom solutions to many different industries, meeting high expectations for quality and craftsmanship.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent products while maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. We value your business and look forward to working with you. 

Three Simple Goals

We won’t settle for anything less than 100%


Customer Satisfaction


Product Quality


Timely Delivery

Customer Satisfaction Commitment

We are committed to provide product and service to our customers that satisfies the following requirements.  

1 – A commitment to provide our customers with superior products and distinctive service that will differentiate us from competitors;
2 – A commitment to provide fair and consistent pricing;
3 – A commitment to be on-time, every time, delivery per requirement;
4 – A commitment to create an atmosphere where internal and external customer-supplier relationships are continuously developed;
5 – A commitment to provide excellence through continuous employee training and education;
6 – A commitment to provide a clean, safe environment for our fellow employees and our community;
7 – A commitment to provide our customers with technical support through constant communication;



  • We pledge continued support for these commitments.